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Published on: April 11, 2015

Do people still have blogs in 2015? Or is it all Facebook public pages, Tumblr profiles, #asht@g Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, etcetera, ect, …

Until I figure that all out and re-brand myself, I’ll continue (or arguably start) posting art and technical artist stuff here.

I had a great time a few weeks ago at the Emerald City Comicon 2015. It was a pleasure to hang out with some old friends and meet lots of random attendees who were really interested in me doing live sculpting. Soon I’ll post my 3D Clay turnarounds for characters I made for this year’s Monsterpedia as well as a sculpt I started at the con.

After that I want to plan my next 3D Voxel, evaluate using Monster Clay and/or Cx5 for future sculpts, and maybe even drop some Maya Python tips I’ve picked up in the last few months at Sucker Punch.

For now, let’s send this post into the ether to be picked up by the infinite comment Troll-bots.

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